Fit Friday Finds: 11.2.12


Happy Friday! Today, I’m happy to share with you a Fit Friday Find that is not only a great fitness app, but a great way to help those in need to!

Introducing Charity Miles! iPhone & Android users can download this app, which tracks your mileage and time while you’re on a run/walk/bike ride. For each mile you complete, money (25 cents for walkers/runners, 10 cents of bikers) is donated to the charity of your choice.

I’ve been using this app since the summer and absolutely love it! I just chose which charity I’d like to donate to and get going. The app does the rest!

In honor of the NYC Marathon this weekend, Charity Miles is donating to Medals4Mettle each time someone completes 26.2 — whether they’re running in NYC, LA, or anywhere in between. I don’t think I’ll complete 26.2 this weekend, but I’ll definitely get out there and do a few for some great charities!

And, one last thing — one of my favorite food and fitness bloggers, Taralynn over at Undressed Skeleton, is currently doing a 4,000 mile challenge for Charity Miles. She’s hoping to get 1,000 people to run four miles each — all for Charity Miles. Check it out and join in her challenge — I know I will!


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