Fit Friday Finds 11.16.12


This week’s Fit Friday Find is a little unique…it’s not a recipe or a new fitness app or a blog find. Instead, it’s a book!

(Image courtesy of

I haven’t been able to put this book down! The book chronicles the journey of Christopher McDougall who sets out to discover why humans were naturally “born to run” — free of all of those specialty running shoes, insoles, and supplements we all use to “keep us going.” His journey begins and ends with the Tarahumara, an Indian tribe in Mexico’s Copper Canyons, who literally run hundreds of miles at a time — all in thin sandals with no extra support for “overpronation” and “supination.”

This book gives you an inside look into the lives and minds of ultrarunners, otherwise known as superhumans who run 60 to 100 miles at a time — just for fun. McDougall tells a compelling narrative, all while weaving in some top industry research to make us question some of the very beliefs we hold about running in America.

If you’ve ever thought about barefoot running, love learning about a mysterious native tribe, or just need some inspiration to get out there and run, try “Born to Run.” You’ll be glad you did!


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