“Anything for a Minute” Circuit Workout


Last weekend, my sister and I were discussing HIIT treadmill workouts and how tough it can be to do really fast speeds on the treadmill until you remember that it’s only for a minute. After all, can’t you do anything for a minute?!

That conversation was the inspiration behind this “Anything for a Minute” Cardio & Ab Circuit workout. I combined some of my least favorite ab exercises (I couldn’t bear to include burpees on this one!) and created a quick ab and circuit workout that only takes ten minutes to complete and is sure to challenge you and make you sweat! But with the knowledge that you’re always done within the next sixty seconds, it’s not too bad!

How to “level up” this workout:

  • One word: burpees.
  • Give yourself a one minute rest after you complete the circuit…and then repeat it again!

How to “level down” this workout:

  • Not sure how to do one of these exercises? Want to get in another specific exercise? Go ahead and swap exercises out. The general theme is one minute of abs, one minutes of cardio.

Do you do circuit workouts? Do you like to create your own or go off of one you find?


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