Looking forward & looking back: Leveling up my goals for 2013


It’s December 31, which can only mean one thing — New Year’s resolutions! And, maybe a bit of a recap, too…

2012 was a big year for me when it came to fitness. At the end of 2011, I was more than ready for change when it came to food and fitness. I was doing the same boring fitness routine at the gym four times a week and was much too busy “counting calories” rather than eating whole, unprocessed, good-for-you foods. I was pretty underweight and finally swallowed my pride, admitted I needed some help, and went to a nutritionist to help refocus myself.

No more thinking a Lean Cuisine is a meal… 🙂

Lean Cuisine Meme (Source)

I’m not sure how I got the idea last January, but I decided I was going to run a half-marathon. I wasn’t a “runner” by any means…I was a gym rat, that’s for sure, but doing 30 minutes on the elliptical or even four miles on the treadmill is nothing compared to 13.1 in the great outdoors.

I knew if I was going to run a half, I’d have to start treating my body better, fueling it up with the proteins and fats I needed to make it through a long run. It sounds counterintuitive, but signing up for that 13.1 helped me put on the weight I needed to be healthier and, ultimately, happier.

I completed that half marathon in May 2012, and I’ve never looked back. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment and set the stage for me to break another record in my 15K earlier this fall…

My sister and me after successfully completing our first half!

My sister and me after successfully completing our first half!

In addition to fitness, 2012 was a big year for me: I graduated from college, got married, moved into a new apartment, landed my first real world job — I’m not sure how 2013 can top that, but I sure can try!

Here are my big food/fitness goals for 2013:

  1. Run a full marathon. I’ve talked about it, thought about it, dreamed about it…and it’s time to take it up another level! I’ve got my sights set on the Delaware Running Festival Marathon in mid-May. I completed the Delaware half last May, so why not do a full this time around?
  2. Run a sub-24 5k. When I first started training last year, I just wanted to finish my race in a decent time. Since then, I found that I don’t just love to finish, I love to finish fast. I’m hoping 2013 will be the year of a sub-24 minute (maybe even 23 minute?!) 5K race.
  3. Try yoga. I’ve never done it, and I can’t imagine I’ll like it, but I want to try it! I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised, because I just can’t see myself getting a runner’s high out of a yoga sess…
  4. Try a Paleo and vegan diet. I don’t believe in “fad” diets or “low-fat” diets or any type of traditional diet at all. Instead, I’ve found that I feel best when I’m eating real, whole foods. I don’t think I’ll ever give up meat or grains completely, but I do want to challenge myself to do a week of only Paleo and another of only vegan diets to help introduce myself to new foods and incorporate those into my regular eating.

What are your food and fitness goals for 2013? Who else will join me on my crazy quest to complete 26.2?!


2 thoughts on “Looking forward & looking back: Leveling up my goals for 2013

  1. jessicalawlor

    Great goals, Abby! You’ve also had quite a fitness journey this year. I love your goal to try to get faster (and to do a full!). We definitely share those goals in common. I know you can definitely achieve whatever you put your mind to. I’ll be following along! 🙂

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