Procrastination no more, Pittsburgh here I come!


I’ve thought about it, talked about it, made it my goal for 2013, and today I finally put the money down. On May 5, 2013, I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon!

Pittsburgh Marathon

I’ve been considering a spring race schedule for awhile now, but just haven’t fully committed myself to anything. I was planning on running the Caesar Rodney Half in March followed by the Delaware Running Festival Marathon in mid-May. I ran my first half marathon last year in the Delaware Running Festival, so I thought it would be fitting to do a full there this year! Unlike last year when I had my sister run it with me (along with Andy and my parents there to support us!), I didn’t think that was likely to happen this year. 26.2 all by myself? No, thanks.

Fast forward to last night when I discovered that Kelsey and Ali (sisters who were both bridesmaids in my wedding!) were taking on Pittsburgh to run their first half marathon in May. A few texts to my sister (who goes to school in Pittsburgh) later, it was decided — all four of us are running together in May! I’m so excited to be with Kels and Ali as they run their first half and even MORE excited that I’ll have a huge support group there to cheer me on at my 26.2!

Ali, me, Kelsey, and Kate on my wedding day!

Ali, me, Kelsey, and Kate on my wedding day! (Since the four of us grew up together, we always joked about which one of us our mothers loved the most and would deem “Daughter #1.” Getting married was a pretty big deal which meant I got to be Daughter #1 for the day! Will we all be #1 when we finish our big race?! 🙂

So, now it’s training plan time! Luckily, I have plenty of time to complete an 18-week marathon training plan, so I’ve been stalking my favorite running blogs and websites to find something I think might work. I like this Intermediate plan from Hal Higdon, but definitely want to incorporate some hill workouts into my plan, since the Pittsburgh course has a lot of hills. I’ve also been talking with Lindsay over at Live. Love. Nutrition. who has been really helpful in sharing her training plans from her first marathon!

If you have any marathon training plans that have worked for you, feel free to send them my way at levelsfoodandfitness (at) gmail (dot) com.


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