And, it’s all in my head…(plus a colorful WIAW!)


Happy Wednesday, friends! Before getting into the delicious eats that are part of What I Ate Wednesday, I’ll start with last evening.

I decided to push up my long run from this weekend to yesterday afternoon because they were calling for temps of 52 and sunny. In January. In Delaware. You can’t beat that!

Wellll, you all know that I’m committed to morning workouts, but since it’s dark until almost 7 a.m. here, an outside morning run is nearly impossible. I decided to get into work early instead and try to make it out by 4 p.m. for my afternoon, which I accomplished.

But, then my run started. My left shin hurt. My GPS watch wouldn’t work. I hate running after I’ve eaten two meals already that day. The excuses started coming, and I started getting discouraged — and fast. I started playing the mental game — okay, I’ll just do five miles, it’s fine. Maybe I shouldn’t run a marathon and just do a half instead. It. was. ridiculous.

Finally, around mile three (as usual!), I settled into my run. I had started offΒ way too fast (averaging 7:45 for the first two miles), which set me back even further mentally. Finally, I slowed myself down, started to pace closer to 8:05 (still about 30 seconds faster than I’m hoping to do for my marathon), and got into the groove. Four miles down. Five. Six. (Stepped in a mud puddle during mile six, which did make for a pretty uncomfortable rest of my run.) Seven. (Side stitch = not enough water) Eight. (Almost finished!) Nine. (1:13 total, average pace = 8:11)

By mile nine, I could have kept going. How’s that for a runner’s high?! It is way too true that running is all mental!

But, enough about my running craziness! I’m done my long run for the week and can focus on shorter distance hill and speed runs. Yay!

And, now, if you’ve made it this far…thank you!

Here are my eats from last week…

WIAW1.30 breakfastI started off the morning with a peanut butter banana bread bowl topped with flax seed. Yum!

WIAW1.30_morning snackI snuck in a morning snack at my desk of some fresh strawberries and the other half of my ‘nanner from breakfast.

WIAW1.16_DinnerFor lunch, I enjoyed a Mexican sweet potato with some unpictured baby carrots. (Yes, it’s a recycled photo, and yes, I eat it A LOT!)

WIAW1.30_afternoon snackFor an afternoon snack, I enjoyed some black cherry CHO topped with oats and peanuts. Odd combo, but it worked!

Gluten-free almond flour pizzaFor dinner, I tried out a new recipe and created a gluten-free almond flour pizza…recipe coming your way tomorrow! πŸ™‚

WIAW1.30_evening snackMy evening ended with two rice cakes topped with some PB2 and dark chocolate chips on one, flax seed on the other.

Check back tomorrow for my yummy almond flour pizza recipe!


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