I’ve been slackin’ on the posting front this weekend.

That’s why I’m up nice and early on a Sunday morning to check back in with all of you.

Actually, I’m up to eat a good breakfast before I head off to my ten-mile training run, buttttt I made time for a quick post, too!

As for a quick weekend recap…the highlight of Friday was this delicious homemade pizza Andy and I made together!

Homemade pizzaHe texted me at work and asked me to stop and get some pizza crusts from a local pizza place called La Piazza di Caruso. I love that you can just stop in and ask for premade doughs then bake and add your own toppings on your own! Andy made a pepperoni and I stuck with vegetable, and we’re planning on whipping up a bar-be-que chicken pizza later this weekend with our last dough. Delicious!

Friday night was pretty low-key; we caught up on The Office (Andy came back?!) and watched some more Parks & Rec on Netflix.

Yesterday, I was up bright and early and flew through some emails/church-related things I wanted to get through. I headed to the gym around 11 and completed 20 mins. on the elliptical, 10 mins. of incline running on the treadmill, and an upper body workout that absolutely killed my shoulders. It looked something like this…

Upper Body BlastThe rest of yesterday was filled with some household chores, church, and hanging out with friends. Always a great way to spend a Saturday!

Now I’m off for my long run for the week…luckily Nemo missed us, so it should be a cold, but snow-free, run. Catch ya later!


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