Livin’ up the warm weather


If you’re in the mid-Atlantic like I am, chances are you’ve shed your scarf for sandals…today’s high is 83 degrees! Whoo hoo!

I’ve been taking full advantage of this warm weather, starting off with some delicious fro yo on Saturday night with friends…Fro yo from Sweet Frog
I combined chocolate, vanilla, and angel food cake fro yo and topped it with my standby favorites: strawberries, crushed waffle cones, graham crackers, and a nilla wafer. Yummy!

On Sunday, I took a two mile walk with the hubby at a (very busy!) local park…


And yesterday morning, I did an early morning six miler (at a slower pace, which felt great!) and could only think about this after mile 3…


It got me through the run! I’m not sure why I thought I needed a large, but you better bet I finished it all. I was very awake yesterday.

I’m counting down the hours until I’m done with work today…I have a coffee date planned with a friend I haven’t seen in months, and I can’t wait to soak up some sun and catch up with her!

See you tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!


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