I’m a marathoner!


After four months of training, I’ve achieved my biggest goal of the year – I’m officially a marathoner! And not only am I marathoner, but I achieved my time goal of under 4 hours – 3:57:31!!

Words can’t even describe how emotional the day was, but I’m so excited to share every step with all of you!

On Saturday, I woke up and headed over to pick up my friend Ali so we could meet my sister and her sister who both live in Pittsburgh.

On the road!

On the road!

We made it to Pittsburgh by 2 p.m. to meet my sister and the three of us headed over to the GNC Live Well Expo to pick up our bibs and shirts and such. It was pretty busy, but we were easily able to pick up our race essentials and then walk around a little bit before calling it a day.

Marathon expi


2908 ... represent!

2908 … represent!

Signing the wall to commemorate Boston. #bostonstrong

Signing the wall to commemorate Boston. #bostonstrong

Me and Ali

Me and Ali


Me and my sista!

Me and my sista!



Once we got back to Kate’s apartment, we hung out and then met up with our moms who had driven out after us. I whipped up an awesome pre-race dinner… healthy chicken parmesan, whole wheat pasta, roasted brussel sprouts and zucchini, and some whole wheat garlic bread. Lots of carb and protein = perfect!

Marathon dinner

We headed to bed around 10 p.m. since we had quite an early wakeup call – 5:10 a.m.! I set all my stuff out beforehand to save time in the morning…

Marathon ready

I’ll be back tomorrow for a full mile by mile update (lucky you!), so I’ll catch ya’ll then!


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