Back on the grid


I think we could all agree I’ve been a little MIA lately. Last week was insanely busy (and so was this weekend), but I’m back! I even have a good recipe or two to share with you this week.

Friday night I made some healthy chicken poppers with homemade honey dijon dipping sauce (recipe coming at you for this week’s WIAW!) and then headed to an engagement party for my beautiful friend, Janie. I am so excited to be part of her big day, and it’s only a month away!

On Saturday morning, I broke out my Jillian Michaels yoga DVD for the first time…



It was a surprisingly great workout! It was more challenging than other yoga classes I’ve done, and it was only about 30 minutes long, so it’s really easy to squeeze in during a busy day.

After yoga, I spent the rest of the day helping a friend move, which definitely challenged my already-sore arms! I eventually headed to church for most of the afternoon/evening.

Yesterday started bright and early with working at church, and then it was time for our Memorial Day Cookout with friends! I made a variation of my Avocado Cobb Salad and ate way, way too much delicious food, but it was definitely worth it. We ended the night with some sparklers…

Memorial Day


How was your Memorial Day Weekend? 


One thought on “Back on the grid

  1. I want to try that Jillian Yoga DVD, I’ve tried her more cardio/weights based ones and love them so want to give it a go too.

    We didn’t have memorial day here in Australia but we do have the Queen’s birthday holiday coming up that I know you guys don’t celebrate over there.

    On the weekend I had a massage and caught up with some friends for brunch and had poached eggs with avocado and salmon, it was yummy!

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