Marathon playlist


So, yes, it was over three weeks ago, but I finally put together my last post about my experience at the 2013 Pittsburgh Marathon. Missed them so far? Catch them here…

I know some people run without music, but I’m not quite sure how. I’ve always run with music, and it definitely helps me get pumped up and focus on my pace. My marathon playlist was 4+ hours long, so these definitely aren’t all the songs from my playlist, but they are some of my favorites!

Marathon Playlist


What are your favorite running/workout songs? Can you run without music? 


2 thoughts on “Marathon playlist

  1. I don’t know all those songs so you’ve given me some to go and look up now!

    I can run without music but I don’t enjoy running without music. I love Daft Punk’s new song Get Lucky and Say My Name – Florence

  2. Katie Stollar

    #thatPOWER is so perfect for workouts. especially spinning classes!
    Freaks- French Montana ft Nicki is pretty on point as well.
    Ayy Ladies- Travis Porter
    I Could Be The One- Avicii and Nicky Romero

    Some of my favs from the marathon playlist!

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