Let’s partayyyyy, WIAW style!


Happy Wednesday, Levelites!

It’s time for another installment of What I Ate Wednesday…if you’re not familar, get yourself over to Peas & Crayons to see what the fun is all about!

This week is all about one thing: pizza! Red onion, mushroom,  and kale pizza, that is.

Kale, mushroom, and red onion pizza on whole wheat crust

This pizza is the pizza of all pizzas…homemade whole wheat no-rise dough (yes, it’s done in less than 15 minutes!), fresh veggies, a touch of sauce, a whole lot of kale. The recipe is simple: Make your dough, cook for about ten minutes, remove and add your toppings, stick it back in the oven for ten minutes or so and bam! You have yourself a beautiful, healthy pizza.

But, that’s actually not everything I ate last Wednesday. Let’s back up a bit… (Sorry, the pizza was just that good. I got excited!)

Banana cottage cheese pancakesI started off the morning with three small banana cottage cheese pancakes topped with some peanut butter, TJ’s maple agave syrup, and flax seed.

WIAW6.5_strawberriesFor a snack, I enjoyed some fresh strawberries. These were the best ones I’ve had all season so far!


When lunchtime rolled around, I enjoyed some leftover healthy “fried” rice with shrimp and tons of vegetables with a fresh cucumber salad on the side from a friend!

WIAW6.4_snackFor snacktime, I had 3 oz. apple cinnamon CHO + 3 oz. plain CHO mixed with some peanut butter, puffed wheat, and raw oats.

Kale, mushroom, and red onion pizzaDinner time included two slices of my kale, red onion, and mushroom pizza with some baby carrots on the side!


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