One goal for this week


I have one goal for this week: to make it to the marathon finish line on Sunday morning. (That’s only a week from now!!! Ahhh!)

PGH Marathon Ticket

Therefore, I tried to focus on meal planning/prep this week so that I have clean, healthy, protein-filled food ready whenever I need it this week! I normally plan to make about three meals per week (that will get me through with leftovers for lunches), but I got really specific this week and actually planned out both lunch and dinner so that I know I’m getting the fuel I need.



  • Lunch: Leftover shrimp quinoa
  • Dinner: Leftover white pizza + veggies


  • Lunch: Turkey, spinach, Laughing Cow cheese, and red onion on brown rice wrap 
  • Dinner: Leftover white pizza + veggies


  • Lunch: Eggplant parm (I have individually wrapped from when I made a big batch a few weeks ago) + whole wheat pasta + broccoli
  • Dinner: Turkey, apple, and cheddar baked wrap with veggies 


  • Lunch: Spinach and romaine salad with turkey, onion, cucumber, pickles, carrots, almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing and TJ’s quinoa lentil chips
  • Dinner: Mexican Sweet Potato Bowl 

On Friday, I’m heading home to meet my mom and then it’s off to Pittsburgh! My snacks for the week include Chobani greek yogurt with almonds/puffed wheat, Larabars, fruits, and vegetables. A week from today, I hope I can say I’m an official marathon finisher! 🙂

Now I’m off to do my final eight mile training run…happy Sunday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “One goal for this week

  1. Katie Stollar

    So excited for you to come out! You are going to be amazing on Sunday, you’ve trained your heart out for this!

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