Thankful for this Post-Thanksgiving Plyo-Cardio Circuit


Sure, I was pretty thankful this Thanksgiving — I do have a lot to be thankful for. (Including my holiday eats!) But, I think I was equally thankful to be able to hit the gym this week with some great post-Thanksgiving workouts.

Yesterday morning, I hit the gym with one intention: cardio. I completed four pyramid HIIT intervals on the elliptical that looked like this…

Minutes –> Incline

0 – 5 –> 5.0

5 -10–> Pyramid One (7.0, 9.0, 11.0, 9.0, 7.0)

10-11 –> 5.0

11-16 –> Pyramid Two (9.0, 11.0, 13.0, 11.0, 9.0)

16-17 –> 5.0

17 – 22 –> Pyramid Three (11.0, 13.0, 15.0, 13.0, 11.0)

22-23 –> 5.0

23-28 –> Pyramid Four (13.0, 15.0, 17.0, 15.0, 13.0)

28-30 –> 5.0

That last pyramid was pretty tough — my legs were working like crazy! After the elliptical pyramid craziness, I hopped off to complete this 10-minute, plyo-cardio circuit. I sure was a sweaty mess for 6: 45 in the morning!

After the gym, I showered, headed off to work, and anxiously awaited 4 p.m. so I could get home and go CHRISTMAS shopping with my hubby! We needed lights, garland, stocking, ornaments, (basically everything!) so it was quite a fun shopping trip. I’ll be sure to post some photos when we finish up!

What I haven’t shared with you is that I was busy cooking (healthy!) foods this weekend when we got back from Thanksgiving with our families, so I have recipes for Roasted Spaghetti Squash, Vegetable Crab Soup, and Garlic Cheddar Biscuits coming your way later this week. In the meantime, be sure to check out my brand new Recipes page for some healthy eats and sweet treats!


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